Vintage Film Channel began as an idea around 15 years ago. We began to collect films, at first 16mm films, of all kinds. As we progressed on this journey, we found that we could also find and preserve collections of broadcast quality videotapes. At this point cataloging what we have is difficult. I am approximating 10,000 titles total, with the bulk of the collection spread between feature films, television programs, school films, and industrial films. The collection now is measured in cubic feet, rather than titles.

Along the way, the distribution of content on the internet began to happen, and then to get more easily deployed. The process of migrating our content to the internet is a story of it’s own, and I will be creating blog articles about the process as it evolves.

For now, it is enough to say that we have begun, and new films will be appearing here on a regular basis.

We hope you will stay and enjoy what we are putting together for you!

For now, right now, we must get back to mastering and compressing films.