Two former WWI aces from opposite sides, Bill Ramsey and Otto Shumann, in the best tradition of Eddie Rickenbacker and the Red Baron, barnstorm their way across the Poverty Row skies of middle-America while competing for daredevil honors and the favors of the lovely Eve. imdb

In this romantic drama, two carnival barnstormers vie for the affection of a lovely woman. Their rivalry has deeper roots, as they were mortal enemies when they were WWI fighter pilots. To get the American once and for all, the German pilot tries to frame his rival’s little brother. rotten tomatoes

Lloyd Hughes … Bill Ramsey
Norman Kerry … Otto Schumann
Shirley Grey … Eve
Berton Churchill… Windy J. Bailey
Matty Kemp … Eddie Ramsey
Otis Harlan … Mr. Ramsey
Kathrin Clare Ward… Mrs. Ramsey (as Katherine Ward)
Eddie Fetherston… Pickpocket (as Eddie Featherstone)

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