Hoping to impress a pretty girl he’s after, a playboy poses as a newspaperman and goes after a big story.  The acknowledged king of serial directors, Spencer Gordon Bennet, is obviously limbering up in this action-packed feature staring Buster Crabbe, “courtesy of Paramount Pictures” – one of the very few occasions in which Paramount loaned one of the studio’s contract players to Poverty Row. Full of stunts, chases and fist fights, the movie also manages to cram in a bit of romance with the lovely Ruth Hall. In real life, Ruth was married to cameraman, Lee Garmes, from 1933 until his death in 1978. She herself died in 2003, but, although she lived in Glendale, I bet nobody bothered to interview her! Another opportunity lost! Anyway, it was good to see her in this fast-moving, newspaper yarn in which Crabbe plays a rookie reporter opposite publisher Ralph Lewis, villainous John Trent, and society lady, Betty Blythe. That whet your appetite? Yes, Indeed. But it’s actually diminutive Ernie Adams who makes the most impression in this film’s A-1 support cast! Available on a very good Grapevine DVD coupled with another Bruster Crabbe “B”, Jungle Man – also known as Drums of Africa (1941).


Buster Crabbe
Bob Gordon
Ruth Hall
Helen Brewster
Ralph Lewis
Randall Brewster
Betty Blythe
Mrs. Claire van Alstyne
John Trent
Harvey Larkin, City Editor
Ernie Adams
‘Tip’ Crane
Allan Cavan
Preston, the Lawyer (as Alan Cavan)
Charles McAvoy
‘Trim’ Fuller
Broderick O’Farrell
Howard Kent
William Arnold
Andrew Comstock