A boxer leaves the profession when his fights are fixed, and then gets a job as a hired hand at a ranch. But little does he know that the girl he has his eyes on has goo-goo eyes for the guy who fixed his fight!   What’s more, he has also fixed a horse race that the owner of the ranch stupidly put up as a bet!  Its up to the boxer/ cowhand and his motley crew of animal friends to save the day! The big race, the manipulative individuals looking for land,  but Tom Tyler, who plays the cowhand in question, is quite good, and seems to think he is quite the sex symbol when he takes off his shirt for a bar fight when no one else does.  *internet archive
  • Tom Tyler as “Scotty” McQuade
  • Beth Marion as Betty Rose Hayden
  • Sammy Cohen as “Frozen-Face” Cohen
  • Forrest Taylor as Lew Slater
  • Charles King as “Bones” Kennedy
  • John Elliott as Colonel Hayden
  • Theodore Lorch as Ted Todd – Trainer
  • Richard Cramer as Sheriff
  • Wimpy the Dog as Alexander


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