October 6, 2022

The website is largely finished, but there are a few areas to flesh out. The Catalogs are started, I think around 6 are currently published. There are around 20 more to post. The search function is now returning results from the catalogs, so that is good.

We still have 40 videos to post before officially launching. This is our biggest challenge. We are full-time working on video post-production now, until we reach launch. The process is this:

  • Capture from tape or film
  • Process in Davinci Resolve
  • Master for Youtube and for the website and Render!
  • Post the video
  • Research video details if available and post to YT or VFC
  • Publish

The process is time-intensive. All of the videos we are currently working on have been captured and are avaialble on our hard drives. We have two edit systems that we use to process and both are loaded with files to process. So each day we are able to master and post up to 3 videos per system, depending on the variables, especially length.

This wekk we are prioritizing YT videos. Beginning Nov 1we will be posting video here daily.