Sept 28, 2002

Progress Report| Countdown to Launch

As of this week we have 158 published videos

Our goal before launch is 200, so we have a shortfall of 42 videos as of today. At the current rate, this is an estimated about eight weeks out.

Another Feature that we are working on is the online catalog.

As of today we have 3 catalog pages published. Each Catalog page represents a single hard drive of videos. These are files that have been captured, but probably not mastered or published. These drives contain all of the videos that have been captured so far, from tape or film.

It feels like we are very close, but there is much to do. There are around 25 hard drives with the primary materials on them, so we have around 22 more to put on the site.

In addition are the films and tapes that have not yet been digitized. There are about 2500 more tapes to digitize down the road, and around 2000 films. This will be a later project.

The Site

The site itself is coming along nicely. The subscriptions functions are working and live. We have had 2 (two) !! subscribers (thank you guys!!) who have discovered the site and have been gracious enough to join even though we are not really ready. The community pages are live and seem to be working fine at this point. So, the major features are present and working.

What still needs work

I think the major thing on the site, excluding adding titles and catalog pages, is the email functionality. This seems to be very complex. Our Paywall, Memberpress, has a built-in email system, and it is working. So that is good. We are also using the system called Active Campaign, which has more features and adds quite a bit of functionality. But at this point I have no clue how to bring it along. It will wait until these other more pressing items are complete.