Trail of the Hawk

Jay Price’s dying mother tells him his real name is Jack King and gives him a locket as proof. At the King ranch he loses the locket which is found by the foreman. Hoping to regain his proof, he hires on as a ranchhand knowing […]

The Silver Trail

The Silver Trail is a 1937 American film directed by Bernard B. Ray. Cast Rex Lease as Bob Crandall Mary Russel as Molly Welburn, aka Mary Allen Ed Cassidy as Frank Sheridan Roger Williams as Sam Dunn Steve Clark as Tom (scenes deleted) Slim Whitaker […]

Terror By Night

In London, Vivian Vedder (Renee Godfrey) verifies that a carpenter has completed a coffin for her recently deceased mother’s body, which she is transporting to Scotland by train. She boards the train that evening, as do Lady Margaret Carstairs (Mary Forbes), who owns and is […]

Thrill of Youth

As an old man preaches against the sexual promiscuity of the early 1930s, the man’s middle-aged son galavants around with a married woman — while his sons regularly entertain good-time girls in their own bedrooms. In no position to pass judgement, dad not only condones […]

Night Train to Milan

A gritty little intrigue thriller with Palance as an ex-nazi doctor in hiding. While riding on a train, he is recognized by passengers who remember him from their prisoner of war camp days. One thing leads to another and when Palance is cornered, he commits […]

Dawn Express

In the middle of World War II, Nazi Capt. Gemmler (Hans Heinrich von Twardowski) is in need of a powerful chemical formula to improve the energy output of ordinary gasoline. The Dawn Express (aka Dawn Express and ‘Nazi Spy Ring (working title)) is a 1942 […]

So’s Your Aunt Emma

Monogram’s “So’s Your Aunt Emma” owes whatever success it enjoys to its star, the incomparable ZaSu Pitts. The fluttery ZaSu plays a countrified maiden aunt who comes to the big city when her nephew Roger Pryor gets into trouble with the Law. Seems that Pryor […]

Paradise Express

The “Moon Valley Short line” Railroad is losing money to the “Armstrong Trucking Company”. When the railroad goes into receivership, the railroad is forced to lay off several people. The president of the railroad, Jed Carson, has acquired a hatred for the new receiver, Lawrence […]


Tumbleweeds takes place in 1899 when the Cherokee Strip was opened up to homesteaders. When that happens, Don Carver (Hart), the range boss for the Box K Ranch, finds himself out of work. Carver falls in love with Molly Lassiter (Barbara Bedford), the daughter of […]