Ozzie’s Girls 715

Ozzie’s Girls is an American sitcom spin-off of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. It pick’s up seven years after The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet had gone off the air. The premise of the show was that after their sons David and Ricky had […]

Shep Comes Home

Little Larry Havens, an orphan boy, whose father died in WWII, on his way to live with his uncle picks up a stray dog, and the two become fast friends. However, the uncle doesn’t want the dog, and when chickens are found dead, the uncle […]

Border Caballero

After his friend Tex Weaver is murdered, Tim Ross, a marksman with Doc Shaw’s traveling show takes his place in trying to capture a gang of bankrobbers. Border Caballero is a 1936 American film directed by Sam Newfield. Cast Tim McCoy as Tim Ross Lois January […]

I Led Three Lives

I Led 3 Lives (also known as I Led Three Lives) is an American drama series which was syndicated by Ziv Television Programs from October 1, 1953 to January 1, 1956. The series stars Richard Carlson. The show was a companion piece of sorts to […]

Zenith- Proven Performance

Featuring Arthur Godfrey, this film produced by Zenith, was to be played back at a sales conference for Zenith Dealers. It is a good example of how films were used in corporations in the 1960’s and 1970’s

Cross Examination

Defense Attorney Gerald Waring uses great skill and ingenuity in his efforts to save the life of a boy charged with the murder of his father. Witness after witness piles up damaging evidence against the accused youth, but expert cross-examination by Waring digs out the […]

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is an American Pre-Code 1932 American romantic adventure drama film directed by King Vidor, starring Dolores del Río and Joel McCrea. It was released by RKO Radio Pictures. As a yacht sails into an island chain in the South Pacific, a large […]

Front Page Detective | The Other Face

Front Page Detective stars Edmund Lowe as David Chase, a newspaper columnist who helps police solve especially difficult mysteries. The title derived from a popular mystery magazine of the same name. Front Page Detective is an American crime drama series which aired on the DuMont […]

Eagles Brood

“The Eagles Brood” was the second feature in the long running Hopalong Cassidy series produced by Harry “Pop” Sherman. Directed by Howard Bretherton, it gives us some spectacular outdoor photography and several exciting action sequences including the good guys riding to the rescue in the […]