Badge of Honor

Hoping to impress a pretty girl he’s after, a playboy poses as a newspaperman and goes after a big story.  The acknowledged king of serial directors, Spencer Gordon Bennet, is obviously limbering up in this action-packed feature staring Buster Crabbe, “courtesy of Paramount Pictures” – […]

He’s a Prince AKA Command Performance

Neil Hamilton is acting in two roles in one of the oldest clichés in films–the notion of identical strangers!  It seems that a tiny kingdom is doomed to be invaded unless they can make a marriage alliance by another nearby country. However, the prince is […]

Trouble With Father S4 E20

The Stu Erwin Show (also known as The Trouble with Father) is an American sitcom which aired on ABC from 1950 to 1955. Only four of the series’ five seasons on the network included new episodes; the 1953-54 season consisted entirely of reruns. Synopsis The series stars Stuart Erwin and real-life wife June Collyer. Ann […]