Neil Hamilton is acting in two roles in one of the oldest clichés in films–the notion of identical strangers!  It seems that a tiny kingdom is doomed to be invaded unless they can make a marriage alliance by another nearby country. However, the prince is a jerk–and couldn’t care less if his country is invaded and so he refuses the marriage. Well, it just so happens that there is an actor who looks a lot like the prince (exactly, actually) and he goes to woo the fair princess (Una Merkel).

Command Performance is a 1931 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Walter Lang.


  • Neil Hamilton as Peter Fedor/Prince Alexis
  • Una Merkel as Princess Katerina
  • Helen Ware as Queen Elinor
  • Albert Gran as King Nicholas
  • Lawrence Grant as Count Vellenburg
  • Thelma Todd as Lydia
  • Vera Lewis as Queen Elizabeth
  • Mischa Auer as Duke Charles
  • Burr McIntosh as Masoch
  • Wilhelm von Brincken as Capt. Boyer
  • Murdock MacQuarrie as Blondel

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