By way of getting started and getting organized, I thought it would be helpful (to me, especially) to explain what we are intending to do here. And by here, I mean both the entire website, but also, here in the Coming Soon blog area of VFC. So I will cover several topics here, and end with a list of proposed topics for future blog articles.

About the name “Coming Soon” Clever, right? Maybe it’s a hook to get you to look and see what’s going on. It is also literally what is Coming Soon here on VFC. We will be listing titles we have in the pipeline for near-future release so you can see what is coming, soon. So that is the first purpose.

But we also get a lot of interest in a couple of other areas, and I will be posting articles about that, too. First is technical, how are we building this site? How are we serving videos? How does the whole thing work? So we plan a series of detailed articles about topics in this range of interest. Second, is why? Why are we building this site, how did we get started, what are our plans, and so forth. And third, I will be sharing items of interest to our market segment, which is called SVOD, by the way. What is that? Answer: Subscription Video on Demand. Which is developing into a large and very interesting market worldwide.

Actual Coming Soon- Feature Films

Air Eagles

Amazing Mr. X

Badge of Honor

Bank Alarm

Cross Examination

Dark Journey

Dawn Express

Hair Trigger Casey

Last of the Warrens

Men of the Sea

Monster Maker

Night Train to Milan

Oil Raider

Paradise Express

Silver Trail

So’s your Aunt Emma


Sunset Range

Terror by night

The Ghost Walks

Vampire Bat

Thrill of Youth

Trail of the Hawk


Future Topics

  • Coming Soon– in a future post we will bring you the list of TV programs that are, you know…
  • Some Details about the WordPress plugins we have chosen to use, and why…
  • A Plug for our Amazon Web Services partner, and some detail about why we like them
  • Industry info from the sources we follow, statistics, news items, successes, failures
  • Where do the movies come from, notes about our collection
  • Oh, and in our section called Cast|Crew, we will be adding bios and details about some of the actors, directors and producers that made these films
  • Boy, there is more, probably lots more, but I think that’s all I can dredge up right now. I plan to update this post as the site evolves, so “Stay Tuned”  Say, can I use that?