As an old man preaches against the sexual promiscuity of the early 1930s, the man’s middle-aged son galavants around with a married woman — while his sons regularly entertain good-time girls in their own bedrooms. In no position to pass judgement, dad not only condones his sons’ behavior, but also slips them a few slugs of bootleg booze. Things come to a head when the libertine father, his paramour, his sons and their tootsies all converge at a mountain cabin. Naturally, everyone is duly punished for their sins, but they all seem to be having a high old time before the final reckoning.

  • Director: Richard Thorpe
  • Producer:  George R. Batcheller
  • Studio: Invincible Pictures Corporation


  • Lee Kohlmar… Papa Strauss
  • June Clyde… Lena Strauss
  • Selmar Jackson… Hans Strauss
  • Natalie Kingston… May Strauss
  • Otto Lederer… Uncle Adolph
  • Leon Ames… Louie Strauss
  • Natalie Moorhead… Myrtle Strauss

source wikipedia