Directed by Richard Thorpe and produced by Invincible Pictures, is this June Clyde drama. Papa Strauss, a widower, is being shifted around from one married-son’s home to the other, and is unwelcome at all because his daughter-in-laws’ object to his smelly pipe smoking. Finally the family tucks him ‘out of sight and out of mind’ into a nursing home, with very little ‘honor thy father’ thought given to it. However, unmarried daughter, Lena, who loves her father dearly, has a bright fiancée, who
makes a lot of money off of a patent, and they make a home for him.

Director: Richard Thorpe

Producer:  George R. Batcheller

Studio: Invincible Pictures Corporation


  • Lee Kohlmar… Papa Strauss
  • June Clyde… Lena Strauss
  • Selmar Jackson… Hans Strauss
  • Natalie Kingston… May Strauss
  • Otto Lederer… Uncle Adolph
  • Leon Ames… Louie Strauss
  • Natalie Moorhead… Myrtle Strauss