Orient Express -Italian

Orient Express -Italian

On December 24th the Orient Express gets snowbound near a little mountain village and its passengers are forced to spend some time there, mingling with the local people, upsetting their usually monotonous daily lives.

Beatrice, the beautiful schoolmistress, finding it harder and harder to put up with the courtship of Dal Pozzo, the arrogant, pot-bellied mayor, falls for Jacques, a handsome journalist she mistakes for a time for a dangerous criminal.

On the other hand, the sight of Roxane, a vaudeville star, kindles a flame in the pure heart of Giovanni, Dal Pozzo’s bullied nephew.

As for the pharmacist, she starts dreaming of a new life with Mr. Davis, an easy-going Englishman. Destiny will bless some of them and thwart others.


  • Silvana Pampanini Beatrice Landi
  • Henri Vidal Jacques Ferrand
  • Folco Lulli Filippo dal Pozzo
  • Robert Arnoux Jean Tribot aka Mr.Davis
  • Eva Bartok Roxane
  • Liliane Bert Agnès, the pharmacist
  • Gemma Bolognesi
  • Arturo Bragaglia
  • Giuseppe Chinnici
  • Liliana De Curtis
  • Anita Durante
  • Ugo Filipponi
  • Ivo Garrani
  • Mimma Gheducci
  • Curd Jürgens Bate
  • Michael Lenz Giovanni
  • Iga Ritzenfeld
  • Sandro Ruffini