Sunset Range

Sunset Range is a 1935 American Western film directed by Ray McCarey. 

Bonnie Shea (Mary Doran) arrives to take ownership of the Sunset Ranch in Arizona, unaware that one of her trunks contains the ransom money from a kidnapping pulled off by a gang headed by Grant (Walter McGrail’). Eddie (James Eagles’), her brother who purchased the ranch for her is involved with the gang.

She arrives in Arizona only to find that the ranch hands at first resent her presence as the new owner, especially Reasonin’ Bates (Hoot Gibson) and foreman Dan Caswell (John Elliott), who had hoped to purchase the ranch for themselves.

Bates’ resentment of the girl eventually fades, especially after the arrival of the Grant gang in search of the ransom money, which Bonnie still doesn’t know she has.


  • Hoot Gibson as Reasonin’ Bates
  • Mary Doran as Mary “Bonnie” Shea
  • James Eagles as Eddie Shea
  • Walter McGrail as Grant
  • John Elliott as Dan Caswell
  • Ralph Lewis as Sheriff
  • Eddie Lee as Lee Fong the cook
  • Kitty McHugh as Della (the Maid)