The Moth

The Moth

Wealthy young socialite Diane Wyman squanders her fortune and becomes involved in a scandalous raid at a wild party.

Her legal guardian, a lecherous old man who has the hots for her, hires a private detective to spy on her. He tails her to a train headed for New Orleans, but she catches on to him.

She befriends a young woman aboard the train and they both give the private eye the slip. What Diane doesn’t know, however, is that that her newfound friend is actually a notorious criminal known as The Moth, and she has her own reasons for helping Diane escape–she, too, is being tailed by a detective, who’s after a cache of jewels she’s stolen.


  • Sally O’Neil as Diana Wyman
  • Paul Page as George Duncan
  • Wilfred Lucas as John Gale
  • Fred Kelsey as Detective Blake
  • Duncan Renaldo as Don Pedro
  • Rae Daggett as Marie LeMaire, The Moth
  • Nina Guilbert as Auntie Jane Stevens
  • Georgia O’Dell as Old Maid Train Passenger
  • Jack Cheatham as 1st Desk Sergeant (uncredited)