16mm and 35mm Film Transfers

Our DFT SPIRIT 4K Telecines are equipped for 16MM, Super16, and 35MM, and Super35mm film transfers. We can transfer optical and magnetic sound prints, as well as original camera negative in 16 and 35.

Output formats include any of the current HD, 2K, or 4K standards. We output to portable hard drives for all of our data output. Hard drives can be MAC HFS+ format or PC/Windows NTFS.

Codec choices are AVID DNxHD or Prores for MAC or PC, or any other codec you need..

If you plan to do additional work to your files, we suggest a transfer of your footage using our one light/best light technique, which insures a great picture throughout the transfer, and you can do your own Color Correction and Digital Intermediate work yourself.

OR, we would be happy to do a scene-by-scene color correction on your films using our DaVinci Resolve systems.

How do you compare this to other transfers? Our Thomson/DFT Spirit is a big step up from even the best of the common types of consumer systems.

To help you figure out the run-time of your film, Kodak has a nice online tool that will help to calculate your footage.  http://www.kodak.com/US/plugins/flash/en/motion/filmCalculator.swf

If you are in Southern California, we would welcome a visit to talk about your project. If you are anywhere else, you can ship your film to us using Fedex ground or UPS ground with tracking, and we will return it using Fedex ground.

Your 4K/2K/HiDef files will be returned to you on a hard-drive. You may send a drive in with the film, or we can provide one at an additional charge. We prefer a USB3 enabled drive, which easily can be bought online, in a one terabyte size or larger, or a bare SATA drive.

A further note about your film. We normally splice your reels together onto standard film industry cores or reels for transfer. Using guidelines from AMIA, the Association of Moving Image Archivists, we prefer to return your film to you on cores, if 16mm or 35mm, with preservation cans.