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VFC is supported by people like you. You have been looking for a few old and different videos and we are happy to have you visit us. But,if you have found this page, you probably have not joined us yet.

This site and our Youtube Channel need a lot of help, and we need yours.

We Need Your Help.

Vintage Film Channel is a labor of love, and we started it because we love the movies and TV shows, and shorts and educationals, docs, commercials, industrials, all of it.

I am not quite sure I understood how expensive it is to accomplish this feat of building a website and Youtube channel.

The costs involved are becoming difficult to absorb into our household budget. And so we need your help to keep this going and to grow it. Can you help?

We have organized a few ways to help– see below, and join us on this Noble Quest!

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And so this is where we shamelessly ask you for money…

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