Bar 20 DVD William Boyd starring as Hopalong Cassidy




William Boyd, Andy Clyde and George Reeves return to their series roles as Hopalong Cassidy, California Carson and Lin Bradley. Also on hand for villainous purposes is Victor Jory, who’d menaced Hoppy and his pals in the previous Cassidy flick Colt Comrades, as well as Robert Mitchum. The story concerns a gang of outlaws who’ve pilfered a cache of jewels in a stagecoach holdup.

Unfortunately, they’ve also stolen Hoppy’s cattle money, and that makes him reeeeeal mad. Two echoes from the silent-movie days are present in Bar 20; former leading lady Betty Blythe, and Dustine Farnum, the daughter of the late matinee idol Dustin Farnum and niece of veteran western player William Farnum.


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