The Common Touch



College student Peter Henderson (Geoffrey Hibbert) turns 18 and is now old enough to take over his deceased father’s business “John Henderson & Co.”. Peter’s parents died in an accident years ago and he is now to learn his trade by working in the London office.

In order to gain respect from his co-workers he decides to learn all about the business by attending board meetings and regular office hours. This to great distress from some of his managers who have their own racket on the side for personal profit.

Young Henderson goes undercover in London’s poorer section, among the regular folks. At “Charlie’s”, meeting place for the common worker and the less fortunate in life, he meets an assortment of people that he becomes attached to and admire. People with small tragedies in their lives. One is the father of glamorous and popular night club singer Sylvia Meadows (Greta Gynt).

He only admire his daughter from afar as he is afraid she will be embarrassed by his status and appearance. Henderson & Co. owns the property where “Charlie’s” is located. The company plans to tear it down and make place for modern buildings. Henderson’s business partners are shrewd and Peter is making plans to expose them.


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