Cimarron City

Cimarron City S1E19 “Return of the Dead” George Montgomery | John Smith | Audrey Totter Dan Blocker

Beth Purcell is shocked when her husband, thought dead and buried for ten years, suddenly appears in Cimarron City. Matthew Rockford is the son of an area cattle rancher, who is the founder and mayor of Cimarron City. Lane Temple, the blacksmith, serves also as the deputy sheriff. He maintains the law amid the crooked schemes concocted in Cimarron City. Audrey Totter played Beth Purcell, the owner of the boarding house.[1] The episodes were supposed to rotate equally among Montgomery, Smith, and Totter. The writers, however, did not give Totter enough stories as promised, and she left the series.[citation needed] Cimarron City also featured Dan Blocker (before Bonanza) in two roles. In the second episode, Blocker plays outlaw Carl Budinger, who is killed. In the fourth episode, he reappears as Carl’s good-hearted brother, Tiny Budinger, who becomes one of Rockford’s ranch hands.