Lock Up S2E39 “The Case of Nan Havens”

The Case of Nan Havens

A young woman is charged with espionage when microfilm of government missile tests is found in her car. Nan Havens seems far too naive to be a spy, so Herb quizzes her on her contacts. Believing her secretive boyfriend has been stashing film in her auto without her knowledge, Maris and Lt. Weston conduct a stakeout to capture the man and his cohorts in the spy ring.

  • Macdonald Carey Herbert L. Maris
  • Mary Tyler Moore Nan Havens
  • John Doucette Lt. Weston
  • Penny Edwards Laura Mead
  • Brett King Duke Francis
  • Charity Grace Mrs. Havens
  • Mark Huston Charles Parish
  • Al Harvey Henchman