A gritty little intrigue thriller with Palance as an ex-nazi doctor in hiding. While riding on a train, he is recognized by passengers who remember him from their prisoner of war camp days. One thing leads to another and when Palance is cornered, he commits murder! He then takes a girl hostage.

Il Criminale, internationally known as Night Train to Milan, is a 1962 Italian thriller film directed by Marcello Baldi.


  • Jack Palance: Herr Bauer / Schneider
  • Yvonne Furneaux: Angela
  • Andrea Checchi: De Simone
  • Tina Di Carlo: mother of Bauer
  • Fanfulla: the host
  • Salvo Randone: Capotreno
  • Franco Fabrizi: l’uomo snob
  • Alfredo Rizzo: Signore pignolo
  • Renato Terra: Sottufficiale di polizia
  • Enzo Petito: barbone